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NW Regional Conference at Seabeck, WA

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We offer scholarships to many young people and others with financial need from all over the US.  In addition, many of our scholarship recipients need help with transportation to the conference. Your tax-deductible contribution to FOR will help future generations learn of the transforming power of nonviolence.  Please give what you can.

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Stay up to date on speakers, workshops and the opening of registration for the 2017 FOR Conference at Seabeck, WA. The conference grounds can handle a maximum of 250 people. The conferenc e attendance has grown as we expand our reach beyond the NW region, so you can expect the registrations to fill up quickly.
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Welcome to the

59th Annual  FOR Pacific Northwest Regional Seabeck Conference

Sat-Tues, July 1-4, 2017

Young Activist Program


Generous donations have made it possible for a number of young activists aged 13 to 30 to attend the conference without charge. This is a separate fund, and the subsidies will be awarded on a first-come basis, so please get your registration in quickly. If you (or your minor child) would like one of these places, please enclose a brief statement (100 words or so) about your activist history and/or interests with your registration form. Limited funds for transportation of out-of-region attendees may also be available, although we strongly encourage local fundraising for that purpose.


Join us for 3 days of learning and sharing, renewal and fun as we explore the power of nonviolence – how it can be used to harness our outrage at injustice and express our compassion toward all.

We gathered to plan this conference as our country was in the midst of hate-filled electoral campaigns. We considered Fellowship of Reconciliation’s principles and what we perceived as pressing needs, from local to global.

We asked how we can be in inclusive communities. Can boomers and millennials, and everyone else work together? Indigenous nations, grandchildren of slaves, grandchildren of slave owners? Refugees and descendants of Mayflower passengers? Gay and straight, cis and trans, people of all abilities, the healthy and those living with chronic disease? Taxpayers funding drones and children cowering under deadly skies? Coal miners and loggers and environmentalists? People who sleep in houses and those sleeping in doorways? Recognizing the diversity of our towns, countries, and planet is a step toward community.

We deepen our commitment by hearing each other’s stories, helping to think of one another as fully valuable beings. We look deeply inside ourselves to examine our own stereotypes and prejudices. On an individual basis, from volunteer work in prisons and shelters, attending anti-racism workshops, contributing to food banks, tax resistance, we take further steps. When we act in concert, as in large demonstrations, then, sometimes we can change policies, and also feed our spirits with camaraderie.

We also have to recognize that the causes of our problems are not always visible. What causes poverty? (We do not accept that poor people are lazy.) Why do refugees flee, often risking their lives? (We do not accept that they are motivated by large screen TVs.) Why is white supremacy enticing? Why do people accept war and its “collateral damage”? Only by looking at institutions and systems do we get a full understanding, and thus have a chance of making the fundamental changes needed for a just society.

We hope to deal with both the barriers to and goals of community in our work before, during, and after our conference at Seabeck.

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