The Fellowship of Reconciliation Centennial &

58th Pacific Northwest Regional Seabeck Conference

Friday – Monday

July 1 - July 4, 2016

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Many of our scholarship recipients need help with transportation to the conference.  Please help us get them there.

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Stay up to date on speakers, workshops and the opening of registration. The conference grounds can handle a maximum of 250 people. Since this is a national conference this year, you can expect the registrations to fill up quickly.
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2016: The FOR Centennial Conference at Seabeck

The Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) USA, Oregon FOR, and Western Washington FOR

invite you to participate in a celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the Fellowship of Reconciliation in the United States.  Our conference will include nationally known keynote speakers as well as numerous workshop options for those interested in gathering to discuss current peace and justice concerns in our local communities, the nation, and the world.

Register Now!!  There are NO single rooms left.

Our 2016 keynote speakers are:

Jamila Raqib
 Dr. Erica Chenoweth
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We are also conducting a special outreach to youth and young adults to participate in the 2016 conference. The Internet and social media will be a central part of the conference as we learn together how best to make them serve peace and social justice movements.  We have provided scholarship assistance to support the participation of youth and young adults  Current plans call for shared plenary and workshop offerings as well as opportunities for individual peace fellowship gatherings.  We will have the capacity to house peace fellowship groups together in dedicated housing on the Seabeck campus.

Conference Costs: See the Lodging & Fees page for details.


Two Cautionary Notes

Attendees are cautioned not to bring their dogs, cats, canaries, gerbils, hamsters and other adorable critters to the Seabeck Conference.  Not only are many people allergic to their dander, hair, etc., but it is Seabeck Conference Center policy not to allow pets on the conference grounds.

For many of the same reasons,  and also out of concern for your health and to prevent forest fires, the Seabeck Conference Center does not allow smoking on any part of its campus.  Some attendees are very allergic to third party smoke, even that found on clothing.

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