FEES We are trying something different with registration fees and covering the costs of the conference.  We are seeking equity.  People pay what they can, and receive the housing they need.  The averaged cost is $350 per adult. On the second page of the registration form, you are given options for paying  less or paying more (suggestions are $210 or $515). 

Costs includes all meals and a bed in one of the many houses around the conference center.  Most rooms share a bath. If you have particular needs for housing (quiet, easy access to a bathroom), please indicate this on the registration form.

Children and teens cost us less to host at the facility, so their registration fees are lower.

The conference costs about $350 per adult.

The conference costs about $195-220 per child.

In an effort to have a more equitable pay-structure, we ask that folks pay what they can. This means, if you can afford to pay more than $515, please use the add an option to donate additional funds. If you are low-income, we ask that you pay only $210.

Room assignments will be based on accessibility requests.   (This is unlike previous years when people requested specific buildings.)