Keynote Speaker: Taylor Amari Little

Taylor Amari Little (Tay) is a proud Black queer femme Muslim and practitioner of African Diasporic ancestral spiritual traditions. Some may know her on social media as “Controversial Tay”, the young TEDx Speaker presenting “Revolutionary Self-Produced Justice”, or the student featured on Buzzfeed for her “White People Stay Colonizing” presentation that went viral late 2016. She also founded Queer Ummah: A Visibility Project, an international website highlighting the narratives of LGBTQ+ Muslims. While pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Criminology at Eastern Michigan University, she has also served as a keynote speaker at both Albion College and Queer Students of Color Conference at Portland State University, as a Queer and Trans People of Color Collective (QTPOCC) Coordinator in the EMU LGBT Resource Center, an organizer within Muslim Youth Leadership Council of Advocates for Youth, a Community Programmer of Housing & Residence Life helping educate and guarantee safe living space for LGBTQ+ housing residents, and one of the main organizers of Islamic Healing Space of A2 & Ypsi ⎯ a sacred communal space for people of all proximities to Islam to gather, pray and heal together, based in southeast Michigan. With all of her marginalized identities, experiences and forms of existence, she courageously complicates dominant narratives every single day, challenges people to do the same and create their own.