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FEES We are trying something different with registration fees and covering the costs of the conference.  We are seeking equity.  People pay what they can, and receive the housing they need.  The averaged cost is $350 per adult. On the second page of the registration form, you are given options for paying  less or paying more (suggestions are $210 or over $500).  This includes all meals and a bed in one of the many houses around the conference center.   If you have particular needs for housing, ask!  Children and teens cost us less to host at the facility, so their registration fees are lower.


MUSIC This year our music leader is Esperánce Kouka, pictured below in 2016, who will weave his soulful and joyful music throughout the program.   And you are encouraged to bring musical instruments and music for informal gatherings as well as for the talent show.  (No talent required.)


TEENS Our Teen Program will be led by Mangesh Pol (pictured below leading Bollywood dance lessons in 2016) and Azeb Tuji.

AD HOC GROUPS AND VIDEOS: Participants are welcome to organize discussion groups and to bring DVDs, videotapes, and CDs on themes of peace and justice in the evenings, or at meal tables. There is a very limited time set aside for Ad Hoc Groups, so consider bringing literature as an alternative. We will schedule rooms and equipment, but due to other activities at the conference, it may not be possible to accommodate all requests, particularly those requiring the use of equipment.

THE NEW CURIOSITY SHOP (more than books!), prices on everything reduced 50-90%: music, crafts, project supplies, gift cards, DVDs, games, maps, as well as books on social change, politics/global/environmental issues, race/gender/class, children & youth, fiction/poetry/humor, spirit/philosophy, cooking/gardening/hiking/photo/art gift books. . . many of them brand new! Glen Gersmehl welcomes your volunteer help, too.