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Anthony Grimes

Workshop Title:  Young Activist Leaders Panel Discussion
Workshop Description: FOR staffer, Anthony Grimes, Director of Campaigns & Strategy, will facilitate a plenary session with youth leaders.
Bio:  Anthony Grimes is a writer, photographer/filmmaker, human rights activist, pastor and theologian. His family hails from Texas and Louisiana, but his Park Hill neighborhood in Denver, Colorado was one of the most turbulent and resourceful in the nation during the nationally recognized gang war of the 1990's. The context of the city — its jazz and hip hop elements — shapes his view as an organic intellectual. His influence has spanned several sectors and countries, from Palestine to Latin America; yet, in all of his work, he brings a singular vision of creating the soul of America.

Having been an adopted "nephew" and mentee of the late Dr. Vincent Harding, Anthony roots himself in the tradition of the black-led, prophetic, freedom movement, while building new democratic and artistic possibilities. He has inspired and led several initiatives, ministries, and organizations, including the Park Hill Parish, an initiative of Mile High Ministries, which built humanizing presence in a violent neighborhood; The Denver Freedom Riders, who grew a grassroots organizing network of over 14,000 people during the Ferguson uprising and influenced the introduction of statewide legislation reform around Black Lives Matter; and created a stunning photo gallery called "A Black Vision of Palestine" after participating in an African Heritage Delegation to Palestine through Interfaith Peace-Builders. At the request of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation, he became the first American activist to participate in IFOR's Beloved Community Project, which included a speaking tour through Amsterdam, NE to strengthen the black-led global movement for freedom. Anthony has been featured or appeared in the Trouw paper (NE), the Denver Post, the Washington Post, NPR, and MSNBC.   

During his formal education, he was recognized by Colorado State University as a Distinguished First Generation Scholar before receiving his B.A. in Speech Communication and Ethnic Studies. He received a Master of Divinity degree from Denver Seminary, and was recognized by his staff and peers with two of the top honors of the school: The Raymond Mcglaughlin Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Preaching and The Carey S. Thomas Award for Excellence in Christian Leadership and Service.   

He has served in leadership for and received training from several organizations, including the Christian Community Development Association (Chicago, IL), the Black Chamber Connect Program (CO) , and Joining Vision and Action's Social Enterprise Academy (CO).



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