NW Regional Conference at Seabeck, WA

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Rivera Sun & Dariel Garner

Workshop 1
Title:  Crafting Change: Tools & Skills for Strategic Nonviolent Action
Leaders: Rivera Sun and Dariel Garner
Workshop Description: 
How can we combine direct action, persuasion, and building new systems into an unstoppable force for change? This session fills your activist toolkit with strategic analysis, campaign design, and movement-building exercises, insights, and concepts. Participants will leave with knowledge of direct action, constructive programs, and effective strategies for change. We will also cover self-organizing movements, leadership structures, and collaborative strategies for a diverse movement of movements.
Workshop Description: Rev. Sekou will facilitate a plenary session with youth leaders. 

Workshop 2
Title:  Live, Share, Grow: A Movement Toward the 100%
Leaders: Rivera Sun and Dariel Garner

Workshop Description:  What does a movement of the 100% look like? This session explores the framework of powerful, multi-pronged movement-building toward a future that supports the 100%, including the natural systems of the planet. This session draws on historic and contemporary examples to demonstrate the dynamics and strategies of combining tactics to stop the flow of money to the top 1% and redirect community resources and concentrated wealth into new, just and equitable systems. Participants will learn about constructive program and noncooperation, intervention, disruption, protest and persuasion

Workshop 3
Title: Getting the Money: Sharing the Wealth
Leader: Dariel Garner

Workshop Description: What happens when we invite the 1% to come home to the human family? Usingconversation, and true stories, this session offers visionary and practical ways to bring the 1% to our table by examining the personal motivations that might propel them towards change.  Participants will walk away with tools and knowledge for bringing the wealth back home, including one-on-one conversations, nonviolent action, and using media for persuasive action.  Traditional fund raising techniques will also be discussed.

Author/Activist Rivera Sun is the author of The Dandelion Insurrection and Billionaire Buddha. She is the programs coordinator, nonviolence trainer, and social media coordinator for Campaign Nonviolence and Pace e Bene. Sun attended the James Lawson Institute on Strategic Nonviolent Resistance in 2014, and she is the co-host of Love (and Revolution) Radio. Her essays on strategy for nonviolent movements are syndicated by PeaceVoice, and appear in Truthout and Popular Resistance.  www.riverasun.com




Dariel Garner was once a member of the wealthiest 1%. Dariel co-founded over 40 businesses in industries as diverse as banking, farming, hotels, restaurants, community development and much more. He is the inspiration for Billionaire Buddha, a novel by Rivera Sun about a man who had incredible riches, turned his back on wealth and found everything worth living for. He speaks, holds workshops on wealth and income inequality and blogs at riverasun.com. You can reach him by email at dariel@riverasun.com.


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