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Alison Allen Hall & Jo Ann Hardesty, Tom Hastings

Workshop Title:  Being a White Ally
Workshop Description:
  What are the ways that white folks can be of value to #BlackLivesMatter and other movements organized and led by people of color?  Are there ways that White Privilege can actually be a benefit in those movements?  This workshop will explore those questions, and encourage participants to apply the results to their own movement activities.


Alison Allen-Hall is a social scientist interested in exploring and realising the  potential of the liminal spaces between scholarship and practice. She has several years’ experience serving as associate faculty in Social Sciences at various colleges and universities in the United States. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, she is Managing Director of LynxSE consultancy based in Portland, OR; she has designed and developed the Un.fil.teredSM Platform of Programmes in service of dismantling the racialized social structure in which we live and replacing it with wholly reimagined and reimaged society that is authentically inclusive and universally hospitable. She has also created the "(POP)ing For... © " series of workshops designed to help individuals construct positive operating paradigms. Allen-Hall continues her academic research in identity and inclusivity and is ABD in pursuit of a PhD in, an organisational equity coaching Conflict Analysis and Resolution.







Jo Ann Hardesty has been a presence in Oregon as an activist, legislator, and consultant in many areas of social justice.  She was raised overlooking the color line – literally – in Baltimore, Maryland. In time, her working class father would muster the financial resources required to take his family of twelve across that line: they were at the forefront as Baltimore began desegregating. From strong parents, who added church and school to a vibrant family life, Jo Ann plunged into life choices that had only recently become available to women of color.

At the beginning of her political career, Jo Ann was a delegate to Association of Young Political Leaders in Australia. More recently she’s seen the confluence of capitalism and authoritarianism as a delegate to a Chinese peace conference called Responding to Financial Crisis and Promoting Social Harmony.

Jo Ann ran a successful campaign into the Oregon State Legislature in 1996. She represented District 19 until forced from office by term limits that had not yet been ruled unconstitutional. From her minority role on the Judiciary committee, Jo Ann developed sufficient perspective to co-sponsor Ballot Measure 57, designed to repeal mandatory sentencing that has been proven racially discriminatory.

In addition to being Principle Partner of her own consulting firm, she has been serving as President of the Portland, OR NAACP.

A member of the PSU Conflict Resolution faculty since 2001, Tom Hastings is a co-founder of the Portland Peace Team.

Along with community organizers, Hastings has developed trainings for activists, including street people who witness and participate in conflict on a daily basis. The trainings range from nonviolent communication, interposition and de-escalation to media work and strategic campaigning.

Hastings is also Director of PeaceVoice, a program of the Oregon Peace Institute. PeaceVoice works to change the national discourse toward peace by serving as a free literary agent for peace professionals who write commentaries and journal articles. 

Hastings is a founding member of the Whitefeather Peace Community.




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