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8. The Agenda for War: Populist Militarism in the Trump Era

Various strands of militarism support the U.S. reliance on war and the threat of war as principal means for projecting global power.  What do Trump and Bannon bring to this mix?  Arguably, Trump’s entire style, already translated into policy, depends on mobilizing and sustaining resentments and anger toward external and internal “enemies.”  Bannon already believes that the U.S and the West are engaged in a civilizational war with Islam.  This workshop will focus on how right-wing populism advances its own brand of militarism.  Are the Muslim bans 1.0 and 2.0 the opening salvos of a belligerent militarism that will gravely augment the cycle of violence in the Greater Middle East and on the “home front?” Is there a viable left-wing populism capable of confronting and advancing alternatives to militarism?  Are we already engaged in a renewed anti-war movement without yet naming it as such?
Rob Crawford taught history and politics at UW-Tacoma for 25 years.  Since 2007, he has facilitated the Washington State Religious Campaign Against Torture.

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