NW Regional Conference at Seabeck, WA

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5. Women of Standing Rock

There are so many women that have made huge contributions to the Standing Rock Movement. As a matter of fact it wouldn’t have been what it was without women. Rachel will discuss her role in the No Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) movement, women that have made an impact on the movement and discuss ways we can all be involved. Standing Rock is not just a North Dakota issue, the fight for clean water and human rights affects us all. Even here in the Pacific Northwest.

Rachel Heaton is a member of the Muckleshoot Tribe of Auburn, WA. As a single mother she has traveled several times back and forth to support the efforts at Standing Rock; whether through fundraising efforts, holding ceremonies, bringing her children to camp or providing help and support to other water protectors at camp and locally. She is a member of the Seattle Action No DAPL Coalition, the group that lead the victory to get the City of Seattle to divest their $3billion dollars from Wells Fargo, one of the many banks invested in the Dakota Access Pipeline


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