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7. The Campaign for a Peace Treaty in Korea

This workshop includes information about efforts to replace the Armistice in Korea with a Peace Treaty. Ed led a small delegation on a Peace Pilgrimage to South Korea in May 2016. He has created two video presentations about the visit. The delegation visited the International Peace School at Cherwon in the DMZ, participated in a weekly protest demonstration to persuade Japan to acknowledge as a war crime the enslavement of hundreds of thousands of women across Asia during WWII. The group visited the site of a South Korean Naval base on Jeju Island, once designated as an "Island of Peace." A second video, made at the request of the National Council of Churches of Korea, was created to help publicize the NCCK's campaign to replace the Korean Armistice with a Peace Treaty.

Rev. Ed Evans is a former broadcast news reporter with KIRO TV and KOMO TV in Seattle. He served as Executive News Producer with KHON TV in Honolulu. Ed has served churches in Blaine and Vancouver, Washington. He currently serves as the co-chair of the Global Ministries Committee of the Pacific NW Conference of the United Church of Christ, a shared ministry with the NW Region, Christian Church, Disciples of Christ.


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