NW Regional Conference at Seabeck, WA

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We offer scholarships to many young people and others with financial need from all over the US.  In addition, many of our scholarship recipients need help with transportation to the conference. Your tax-deductible contribution to FOR will help future generations learn of the transforming power of nonviolence.  Please give what you can.

3. Making the American Dream Real for Everyone

An interactive economic justice workshop that educates, inspires and stirs working people and their allies to take action to reclaim a more just and secure economic future for all. It builds from the economic difficulties experienced by workshop participants and those close to them. Anchored in a long historical perspective, the workshop explores the struggles of working people to build unity across issues of race, gender and immigration to ensure that economic prosperity is shared fairly rather than concentrated primarily among the wealthy.

Mark McDermott is a nationally recognized economic justice and labor educator who has given 275+ speeches and workshops in the past 5 years. He is a lifelong activist for economic, racial and social justice and has worked with labor, faith, immigrant rights, seniors, student organizations and movements. He is happily married to his beloved wife, Diane, lives in Seattle and loves hanging with his five year old grandson Walter. Walter reminds him why he keeps fighting to make our world a better place so that all young people can live with great justice, equity and opportunity and peace.


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