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11. Inner work for Decolonizing our Activism: Mindfulness Practices for Uprooting Internalized Racism for White People

Most white people want to build joyful, mutually supportive relationships with people of color. Yet, we all carry deep, multi-layered cultural patterns of awkwardness, fear, shame, confusion, denial, “white fragility” and other forms of internalized racism. Mindfulness practices offer powerful tools to uncover and interrupt these reactive patterns. Engaging in this courageous inner work together can deepen our capacity to be more effective allies to people of color and to humbly, constructively participate in dismantling the "heart" disease of racism in our communities.

Denis Martynowych is a longtime activist who began meditating 16 years ago. After completing the Community Dharma Leaders training program in 2008, he led many trainings for whites in overcoming racism. The work combines the contemplative practices of mindfulness and compassion with individual and collection action. Using these practices has helped him and others become more determined, grounded, and effective in anti-racism work. Offering these teachings is a natural outgrowth of his long interest in the integration of inner and outer liberation.

Ruby Phillips has a longtime commitment to liberation through Buddhist (& other contemplative) practices and human/environmental rights activism.


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