NW Regional Conference at Seabeck, WA

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14. Transition Now, Together: How to Solve Global Warming

Community members, organizers, and activists will explore how to organize around Just Transition and broadly shared prosperity. We will share key insights on the latest climate science and climate impacts, give space for healing and reflection, and develop and expand approaches for taking bold and immediate action. Just Transition involves a change in values to change how we make decisions. We lead with building a network of authentic and accountable relationships, which looks different than institutional and mainstream approaches have looked in the past. We must do this now, and do it everywhere.

Derek Hoshiko leads racial equity, climate justice, and climate urgency efforts at Climate Solutions. His focus is on facilitating a rapid and just transition away from an oppressive and extractive economics, politics, and culture, toward a living economy that works for all. Derek lives on Whidbey Island with his wife and son.


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