NW Regional Conference at Seabeck, WA

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We offer scholarships to many young people and others with financial need from all over the US.  In addition, many of our scholarship recipients need help with transportation to the conference. Your tax-deductible contribution to FOR will help future generations learn of the transforming power of nonviolence.  Please give what you can.

Special Conference Activities for Seabeck 2017

Saturday evening: Opening Ceremony

On our first time together, Saturday evening, a conference orientation will include important information for all conference attendees. We will also have a community-building activity and an introduction of workshop leaders.

Sunday evening: Community Gathering: Honoring & Centering the Lives & Voices of First Peoples

We are keenly aware of the land we are enjoying at Seabeck and of the First People who lived here. We are also aware of the deep lessons taught in recent years about the power of prayer and community, standing together in protection of all people, our sacred spaces and our natural resources, in particular our precious water. On Sunday we will be led by representatives of Seabeck's Indigenous community in an evening of Celebration to help ground us in the beauty and history of this special place which so many of us count on to restore our spirits and inspire our commitment.

Monday afternoon: Putting it all Together: a Nonviolent Direct Action Community Training

facilitated by Teressa Raiford and Nikkita Oliver

Our whole conference community will attend this workshop together, co-led by Nikkita Oliver and Teressa Raiford, our keynote speakers. They both have extensive "on the ground" organizing skills, as well as great success in developing and supporting sustainable activist communities. Their collaboration will provide lessons for all of us as we continue work with our home communities after the conference, and may spark new collaborations among us that we can build upon after the conference!


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