NW Regional Conference at Seabeck, WA

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We offer scholarships to many young people and others with financial need from all over the US.  In addition, many of our scholarship recipients need help with transportation to the conference. Your tax-deductible contribution to FOR will help future generations learn of the transforming power of nonviolence.  Please give what you can.

The 2017 Planning Committee

Co-Chairs Brenda Collier and Marcia Mullins; Registrar Louise Lansberry;

Vivi Bartron, Jean Buskin, Shane Knode, D’vorah Kost, Mira Leslie, Jennifer Newell, John Repp, Komalpreet Kaur Sahota, Jo Walter.

Mira Leslie brought passion, creativity, openness to new ideas, and love to the planning committee. Even after she was diagnosed with a terminal illness, she told us she would continue on the committee. Sadly, her illness took her more rapidly than anyone expected. We hope to carry her spirit to the conference.

Remembrances: There will be a time, at Seabeck, for us to remember Mira and other FOR friends who died in the past year.


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