Resources/Preparing Yourself

Highly recommended are the 5 videos you can access from the link below, clearly addressing issues surrounding sexual harassment and the compounding of oppression as the intersectionality of gender, race, class and other factors are apparent – a common reality.  They were created by one of the keynote speakers we’ll hear from, in the group Women of Color Speak Out.



It is going to take a lot of work to create a society in which everyone is comfortable because everyone is treated respectfully.   This is a goal of the Complicating Narratives conference.  Please do your homework before the conference and look at many resources to begin to comprehend the experiences of people not privileged to be born into the dominant sector of society.  It is vital that, for example, we all become aware of the concept of microaggressions which impose upon people based on race, gender, and other concepts.   These are built into our language, our habits, and our expectations – the defining pieces of culture that we must examine and sometimes improve.

The above link will take you to a pdf called Uprooting Racism Resources, developed by the Uprooting Racism committee of North Pacific Yearly Meeting (Quakers) in 2018.  It includes websites and videos, as well as a list of books.  You can find plenty of other similar educational resources and we hope you will advise us of your favorites via comments.